Supporting startups on the entrepreneurial journey.

What we look for



Passion about your story

Take us on your journey sharing your beginnings, your motivations, challenges and how they overcame these to be where you are today.


You have grit and don’t give up easily. You shape shift to the challenges you face.


You know how to make the most of whatever situations you face, and be resourceful with what you have available.

Knowledge seeking

You seek to learn what you don’t know and are open to learning new things everyday.

Conscious culture cultivators

You know your values, your identity and what you stand for. Your style, presence, how to walk into a room, vet a new supplier or hire a new team member is clear.


You are open, willing to share, help and be coached.

How we help


Runway is passionate about unearthing ambitious business founders with unique and scalable ideas. We offer limited scholarships*, funding, a co-working space, mentoring, training and business support programs.

This support enables entrepreneurs at Runway to create a proof of concept’, prepare them for operating an ongoing commercial business, as well as pitching for future funding to support their growth.

As a Runway Startup, you get access to space, support, and discounts up to the value of $100,000.


A 2 day intensive workshop which connects ambitious ideas-people with thought-leaders and experienced entrepreneurs to teach the startup methodology and test their business idea. This high-energy course challenges aspiring entrepreneurs to refine their ideas into a fully fledged startup. 

Incubator Program

A 24 week, intensive launch-pad for your early-stage startup where you will gain exclusive access to an architecturally designed co-working space, introductions to the right people, coaching by real entrepreneurs and a proven pathway to launch success.

We're all here to help

A broad network of qualified experts at your disposal. Mentors, coaches, and domain specialists available to answer your questions, fast-track your development, and provide guidance along the way.

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