Fab Lab Ballarat

Victoria’s only Fab Foundation Fabrication Laboratory

A place where you can make almost anything

Building on the success of over 1,000 Fab Foundation Fab Labs worldwide, the Runway Fab Lab provides you with the space, latest technology and support to take your concept from idea to reality. We also provide opportunities for businesses to prototype, programs for team building and community open days for those curious makers and innovators out there.

The Runway Fab Lab is equipped with the following machines:

A laser cutter


Electronic Assembly and Testing Facilities


Embroidery Machine


Sewing Machine


Desktop Milling Machine


Cover Stitch Machine


5 x 3D Printers


Straight Stitch Machine


Large format printing (up to 24inches wide)


Industrial Overlocker


Vinyl Cutter


Why use the Fab Lab?


Speed up prototyping by creating and managing your own bespoke one-stop manufacturing process


Keep costs down by only paying for the equipment you use and the help you need


Make small-batch samples to test out an idea


Learn and gain access to the latest manufacturing technology, equipment and techniques


Participate in our programs with colleagues for a fresh perspective


Learn new skills and demystify our shared technological future


Become an innovator in a supported, collaborative and global network of innovators


What can you make?

If you have an idea, and want to make it, then anything is possible! Some things that have been made in Fab Labs worldwide include:
• Furniture and household goods
• Bikes
• Musical instruments
• Toys and games
• Technology
• Art and jewellery

How can I get involved?

We offer a free initial consultation for anyone interested in the Runway Fab Lab and its capabilities. So, if you would like to talk further about your project or business needs, book a group program, use the lab or just see what we are all about, get in touch below and help us help you to make almost anything!
We can tailor a package to suit your needs with flexible community and business program options, hourly and daily rates. We even have discounts for bulk users!

Check out our regular run Fab Lab workshops:

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We can tailor a package to suit your needs, so please get in touch for a free initial consultation to discuss your project.
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