Podcast Studio For Hire

Bring your brand to life with an audio podcast.

Runway Ballarat offers you access to a professionally installed, broadcast quality podcast studio, to record your very own podcast series. All equipment and guidance is provided.

Why Podcast?


Unlike other media, podcasts can be consumed while doing other things


A podcast allows you to talk about something in depth


It's a convenient on-the-go format


It's the perfect medium for mobile devices


It provides a repeat touch-point for your target market

A broadcast quality podcasting studio

2 x low to mid-range mics

1 x two channel recorder

2 x XLR cables

2 x desk microphone stands

1 x headphones amp

2 x headphones basic


What does it cost?

For access to this fully equipped studio, including recording and mixing time – $75 per hour

Post Production
For all post production, speak with our collaborative partners Hardy Audio about their special Runway rates:

03 53343075


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