Is your business idea the next big thing? Runways Startup Bootcamp – Launching September 2022.

Enrolment for our BOOTCAMP program is now open! 

Startup bootcamps help you test your idea before you test the bank account

Do you have what you believe to be a great new business idea? You think you’ve got Australia’s next big tech startup? You may have tested it with a few people but you’re not sure if your Aunt was honest when she told you it’s a great idea. Perhaps you are still questioning whether there would be an actual market for your product or service. You may have a concept but feel a bit stuck formulating a business out of it.

Well Runway is here to help you test and validate your idea – honestly.

We have designed two days of hard-hitting facilitated and practical activities which will get you to really think about your business idea and hone in on the problem you are trying to solve BUT crucially, we will do this from your customers perspective. After all, a successful business needs a customer right?

The Victorian Startup ecosytem is currently worth $17billion with the median seed round funding sat at $670k. These startups were just ideas at one point.

These founders were probably in the same situation as you, not knowing whether to pursue their dream. Not knowing if it was a viable business. Not knowing if there was a need for this type of business. Not knowing what support there was. Generally not knowing how to run a business. These founders all reached a crossroad at some point. Do I follow by heart and give this business a shot, or do I go back to what I was doing before, wondering ‘what if?’. The Runway Startup Bootcamp is here to help you make that decision easier. The outcome? by the end of the 2 days, you WILL be very clear on what you will do at your crossroads.

What is the Bootcamp?  

A two day facilitated program delivered online via zoom within a small group setting. The sessions are supported by your own online coursework which you complete in your own time.

You will work with our facilitator and others in your small class through facilitated, practical activities that will ensure you are testing your idea in all the areas that count.

As an added bonus, Runway prides itself in teaching skills which you can take away and use again and again. So participating in this program will be an investment in the assessment of all your future business ideas as well.

Why should I do the Bootcamp? 

The Bootcamp is designed for people with a business idea who want to thoroughly test their idea, get real feedback and ultimately determine if the idea is worth pursuing. Critically the Bootcamp provides the opportunity to do this before you invest large amounts of resources – whether this is time or money.

By the end of this bootcamp, you will have a much better understanding of:

  • who your customer is
  • what are their challenges  
  • how your idea can fix that challenge 
  • key ingredients to building a pitch presentation for customers, investors and interested parties. 

When is it, where, time.

The program is delivered online, so you can join it from anywhere!


Thursday 8th September 10am – 4pm (Day 1) and

Friday 9th September 10am – 4pm (Day 2)


$800 + GST

To find out more about our Business Bootcamp check this LINK or click below

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Great, what’s next for me after the Startup Bootcamp?

Your journey doesn’t stop there with Runway and the support we give you to take your business to launch. You’ve validated your idea, you’ve reach that crossroads and you’re all in! You’re going for it! Amazing, we’ve got your back! The Runway Incubator is an in-depth, 6 month program designed to help you start your new business. We do this in a highly supported environment, applying techniques used by successful start ups all over the world.

To find out more, join us for our Startup Incubator information session at 11am, 25th August


Business Startup bootcamp session
Business Startup bootcamp session

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