Vale Peter (Pete) Dostis

Jan 25, 2021

By Nick Stanley

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to inform you that our friend, colleague and CEO of Runway, Peter Dostis passed away in tragic circumstances on Saturday the 23rd of January 2021.

Our immediate thoughts are with his wife, Elli and their three children Jaykob, Sebastian, and Zoe; who are going through an extraordinarily difficult time right now. We are doing all we can to ensure they have the support required to navigate this challenging situation as it continues to unfold for them.

I met Pete in 2014 and was so grateful that I did. He and I united in our vision of what was needed to help regional entrepreneurs and Pete has been such a hard worker for the cause. He has also been a friend, confidant and key advisor and I will sorely miss his tenacity, creativity and positivity. He was always there, he was always reliable, he was always calm.

But sadly, he has gone.

Runway will continue to operate as it has, and I will take on the role of Executive Chair as we take stock in the aftermath of this terrible news.

Whilst I can’t pretend to step in and replace Peter, he and I shared the same views on many things and were across a lot of the day to day operations together. Working in partnership with the talented team at Runway, I hope to be able to continue without any hiccups in the short-term, but please do bear with us whilst we respond to this tragic situation.

I plan to honour the memory of my friend and colleague by continuing the vision that we were both fighting for. Runway is here for regional entrepreneurs and will continue to be…it is essential and Pete and I both truly believe in what it brings by supporting and cultivating the future businesses that drive our economy.

These are undoubtably going to be tough times. There is no “why” in these circumstances; the only meaning we can get from this terrible event is to reflect on his fantastic contribution and continue the good work in the vein that Pete would like. To do so honours his memory and, at least for me, helps to answer the senselessness of these things.

Nick Stanley – Runway Co-founder and Chair