What’s the Value of Doing Runway’s Startup Incubator Program?

Feb 8, 2021

Runway is now accepting applications for its Startup (pre-accelerator) Incubator Program, commencing April 12th, 2021.

How do you put a price on success?

How do you put a price on confidence?

How do you put a price on knowing?

These are the questions that every previous startup who has participated in Runway’s Incubator program asked at the outset. 

The answers came in very simple terms: they succeeded in some way, they built confidence and they knew.  They knew that their startup had potential. They knew where to go next. They knew what to do next and how. This is why we have close to a 100% satisfaction rating and are prepared to offer a $0 (no cost) guarantee*

Runway is a not-for-profit formed in 2015 to help people JUST LIKE YOU to realise their dreams of successfully starting and growing a business. 

Having a business idea is great but it’s only about 5 per cent of the potential value of every startup; 95 per cent is of the value created in businesses like Tesla, Google and Facebook comes from successful execution!

  • Runway unlocks those secrets for you and lays out in very clear and simple terms HOW to create a scalable, profitable, international business.
  • Led by our Executive-Chair and Co-Founder Nick Stanley (pictured here with Runway Geelong GM, Sue Pollard), Runway has a team of experienced entrepreneurs who have built many businesses from the ground up over a number of decades.  

Nick founded Runway because, when he started his first business in a regional centre in 2004, he had an idea, but didn’t know what to do about it. 

Through trial and error, persistence and (sometimes) just luck, Nick launched his first business in 2004, grew it and then sold it in 2010. He then went on and founded a number of other business, launching Sky Software in 2011, growing it to be one of the largest private software companies in regional Australia when it was then acquired in 2014 for more than $23M. 

Nick has gone on to launch a number of other leading businesses, including Runway.  

It’s people like Nick who provide our expert input and advice and who help our participants to succeed. We provide the support, the know-how, the experts, the advisors, the networks, access to the funders, and we unlock the secrets for you. It’s all included, and you will come out of the Incubator with a functioning model for your business idea, and usually the beginnings of a functioning business.

So, how do you put a value on that?

Well, for starters our program costs us over $14,000 per participant to deliver, yet thanks to funding from LaunchVic and the Victorian State Government you pay less than half of that price to participate, and you get:

  • One-on-one support from an expert facilitator
  • Expert advice from subject matter experts
  • Focused and attentive mentoring from people who have done it before
  • Advice from lawyers, accountants, social media experts, marketers, etc
  • Free space in our facilities for the duration of the course and then for 6 months after the course finishes (our hot desks cost $450/month to use – this alone is worth $5,400)
  • Free access to our Runway Virtual network
  • Free access to all of the tools we use

The value to our participants of the Runway Incubator in basic terms is more than $20,000 each in material benefits; but in reality, it is so much more. How do you put a price on knowing, confidence and success reaching your full potential? 

Apply to Join our Startup Incubator program and find out the answers for yourself.

If you’re thinking about starting a business and bringing your new game changing idea successfully to market in 2021, now is a great time to join Runway’s Startup Incubator program – kicking off on April 12th this year.

Contact Nicole Mas or David Spear to discuss your plans, and learn more about how to apply: nicole@runwayhq.co or Davids@runwayhq.co

OR to register your interest, email: hello@runwayhq.co

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