Why should you do an Experiential MBA?  

What has the last two years taught us? A key learning that has come out for many businesses during Covid-19 is that those businesses who were best able to “pivot” their business model and adapt to the volatile situation were built on a strong foundation of innovative thinkers, who also knew how to execute.  

We have reason to celebrate those innovative thinkers and doers who saw opportunity underneath the circuit breakers, the restrictions and the lockdowns. Our communities have benefited from the restaurants who brought new life to in-home dining, the employers who shifted to working from home at the drop of a hat and the parents who had to manage home-schooling.  

As the world begins to re-open, many of us have begun to seek change, new opportunities or a fresh start. Perhaps now is the time to invest in your own career or your business?  

Runway have been diligently working with Federation University in the co-design and co-delivery of a practical and hands on MBA (MBA EL) since 2018. The program delivers on its promise to be unlike any other MBA in the Australian market and has built on this success in the Covid-19 landscape where being adaptable, innovative and knowing how to execute are skills in high demand.  

As we all move forward towards living with Covid-19, we are excited to be delivering a program which will help students to prepare for a post-pandemic world while also building on our confidence in the power of experiential learning and real world insights. 

The Experiential MBA is delivered via a hybrid model allowing cross-campus connection through a combination of online and face-to-face learning. The 18-month MBA EL program provides you the opportunity to take a deep dive into each course. Delivery of each course is over four workshops in a six-week block. This process allows you to focus on one subject at a time, one day a week. 

“It’s been a welcoming, supportive, exploratory, inclusive learning journey that – despite the challenges of the times (working from home, remote learning for primary school aged kids etc) – I’ve enjoyed immensely and the people I’ve worked with and learnt from have absolutely made this experience what it has been, amazing”.  – Alisha Gilliland, Gippsland  

Read more about the Experiential MBA Program here or contact the Program Manager, Prof Christina Lee at christina.lee@federation.edu.au or phone 5327 6725.