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Are you dreaming of starting your own business?

Do you have a business idea? Or an idea on how to reach new markets? Maybe you have an idea you would like to take to management to improve your internal systems? 

Runway’s Business Bootcamp is designed to help you find out if your idea has legs.   

What is a Bootcamp?

It’s not physical exertion – BUT rather brain exertion. We put you through your paces to really test that idea and get you to a point where you have determined whether your idea is ready to pursue or whether you might need some further testing. You may even determine that you should move on to your next idea!

This bootcamp is delivered online, but it’s not your average online course; it is interactive and collaborative with mentors there with you along the way.  

We will take your idea on a journey. We will help you answer some questions about your idea; what problem you are solving? Who are you solving it for? What value does your idea provide to the user? What MVP (minimal viable product) should you start with? And finally, we will teach you how to pitch your idea to others.  

Not only will you take your idea through its paces, you will learn the skills and know how to use these techniques again and again with your next idea. 

Who is the Bootcamp for?

Anyone with an idea that hopes to turn this idea into a business.


We have recognised that there are lots of people with great ideas out there, but not a lot of support to help validate those ideas. We will provide you with a framework that you can take away and use over and over again on all your ideas.


Over 3 alternate afternoons for 2 hours each session. There will be 2 hours of online learning to be completed in your own time before the live call which occurs between 3pm and 5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Online – click ‘Book Now’ to find out when.


In small groups of no more than 15  participants, we will workshop your idea in a supportive yet open environment. We will ask the tough questions, share thoughts and work together as a group to test those ideas.

*Special offer: $150 + GST valid until the end of 2020

Bootcamp Timeline

What problem are you solving?

Answering these questions will give you a great foundation to move onto the next step. We have a tried and proven process to help you work out the answers to these questions: 

  • What is the problem you are solving? 
  • Who are you solving it for?  
  • Who are your customers?  
  • What market are you in? 
  • How do you test your idea? 

Your Value Proposition and MVP

Now that you have the foundations set – now we move into the solution phase. In this session we will help you define: 

  • Your value proposition – what is the unique element that makes your idea stand out in the market? 
  • Your customer – Let’s get into the head of your customer. 
  • Your MVP (minimal viable product) – What is the cheapest and easiest way to make your product or service happen? 

Create your perfect pitch

Now that we know what problem we are solving, who our customers are, and what our product is; now it's time to sell the idea. In this session you will learn: 

  • Why you need a pitch 
  • What information your audience needs to know 
  • How to tell your story 
  • How to ask for what you want 
  1. What is the Startup Bootcamp?
  2. The startup roadmap and how it all works?
  3. How tough is it to make a business real and be able to earn a safe income?
  4. Understanding the commitment to success.
  5. Knowing when to walk away.
  6. Head or heart thinking?
  7. Self Assessment before I spend money
  8. Should I pursue the Startup Bootcamp?
Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  1. What is a Business model
  2. Key ingredients to a business model
  3. Introduction to the business model canvas
  4. Understanding Business to Business (B2B) & Business to Consumer
  5. Go Slow Go Fast
  6. Understanding the road to commercialisation
  7. Why am I starting this business
  8. Starting my business design
Building a Successful Business

  1. What am I building?
  2. Why am I building it?
  3. Who do I think my customer is going to be?
  4. What problem am I solving?
  5. Building out my design in detail:
    1. Customers
    2. Problem
    3. Unique Value Proposition
  6. Review some good examples
  1. Building out my design – Part 2
    1. Solution
    2. Channels
    3. Revenue Streams
    4. Cost structure
    5. Key Metrics
  2. Review some good examples.
  1. Building out my Design – Part 3 Unfair advantage.
  2. SWOT analysis
  3. Independent Review
  4. Building out belief
  5. Building a Pitch Deck
  6. Rehearsing my Pitch
  7. Do I have a business?
  8. Review some good examples.
Make your final pitch to a panel of experts! Up to three entrepreneurs will be selected to go through to the next Runway Accelerator Program. This will be announced after the program completion.

I have had an idea in my head for some time now about helping the world reskill faster by quantifying behaviour change after an intervention such as training. The Bootcamp helped me pull that spark of genius (isn’t every business idea?) and provided me a structured way to test the idea, get it down on paper and have actionable activities to move the idea forward.
Next comes the exciting part of bringing that idea to life. So if you are a programmer, data scientist or behavioural psychologist and would like to be part of the journey, drop me a line on LinkedIn.

Andrew Tennant

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