Code of Conduct

Our Purpose

Runway exists to support and foster innovation and entrepreneurial thinking for Startups and SMEs in regional communities.

We achieve our purpose by acting as the connector in our regional communities by:

  • Connecting people to people
  • Connecting people to programs
  • Connecting people to places

Our Runway Spirit

At the heart of everything that we do, we have a set of guiding principles that sets the culture for our team, how we work and how we want to work with our customers, partners and stakeholder.

Create Energy – Believe In Yourself, Back Yourself

Be confident, open and speak your mind. Interact with others and share your thoughts whilst also being aware of how your actions impact others.

Demonstrate Courage – Lead By Example

Know when it is appropriate to lead and when to follow.  Be action-orientated and learn by doing. Take calculated risks and be prepared to fail or be proven wrong

Adopt A Pioneering Mindset – Explore New Possibilities

Seek out new information in unfamiliar places and ask insightful questions. Use your initiative and show fearlessness in the face of the unknown.

Be Collaborative – Always Be Curious And Learn

Seek out opportunities to share your expertise and have an authentic desire to work with others to get to where we all need to be.

Be Inclusive – Give Everyone A Fair Go

Include others in dialogue and treat everyone with respect. Make decisions based on the greater good. Be aware of personal biases and listen and consider all options. Be welcoming, accessible and accepting of diversity.


Our Code of Conduct policy applies to all employees, contractors and those who participate in the Runway network of activities. It provides the framework of principles for conducting business, dealing with each other, clients and suppliers. The Code of Conduct does not replace legislation and if any part of it is in conflict, then legislation takes precedence. This policy is based on the following:

  • Act and maintain a high standard of integrity and professionalism
  • Maintain a high standard of confidentiality and respect the privacy of others within the network that you engage
  • Be responsible and scrupulous in the proper use of Company information, funds, equipment and facilities
  • Be considerate and respectful of the environment and others
  • Exercise fairness, equality, courtesy, consideration and sensitivity in dealing with others in our network
  • Avoid apparent conflict of interests, promptly disclosing to a Runway senior manager, any interest which may constitute a conflict of interest
  • Promote the interests of Runway and the communities in which we interact
  • Perform duties with skill, honesty, care and diligence
  • Abide by policies, procedures and lawful directions that relate to your interaction with Runway
  • Avoid the perception that any business transaction may be influenced by offering or accepting gifts
  • Under no circumstances may employees offer or accept money
  • Any person, who in good faith, raises a complaint or discloses an alleged breach of the Code, whilst following correct reporting procedures, will not be disadvantaged or prejudiced. All reports will be dealt with in a timely and confidential manner.

Runway expects co-operation from all employees, contractors and those in our network in conducting themselves in a professional, ethical and socially acceptable manner of the highest standards.

If someone engaged in conduct which is in breach of our values and policies in our Code of Conduct, we will:

  1. Ask you to stop the offending conduct.
  2. Take remedial action to restore your relationship if approach and necessary.
  3. If your offending conduct has caused harm to another person, or to our organisation, we will work with you on a way to repair that harm.
  4. If the offending conduct continues, we will terminate your involvement with Runway.

Should a person have doubts about any aspect of the Code of Conduct, they must seek clarification from the Managing Director - Linda Wong.

This policy will be regularly reviewed by Runway and any necessary changes will be implemented by the General Manager.

Photo Policy

Runway may photograph event to be shared online and with local media. In attending our events you consent to having yourself photographed or recorded and these images being used by Runway to promote any future event and report on past events. You may revoke this permission at any time or request that photos are not published by writing to hello@runwayhq.co.