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Our Team

Our people are the engine room of our success with broad and deep expertise, and real world experience starting, pivoting, and growing successful businesses all over the world.

  • Linda Wong

    Managing Director

  • Chris Ardrey


  • Maiys Winduss

    Facilities and Events Coordinator - Geelong

  • Clare Trengove

    Social Media and Events

  • Jessica Hobbs

    Reception and Administration Support - Geelong

  • Rachel Riggall

    Facilities (Ballarat) and Programs Coordinator

  • Mark Valena

    Runway Associate

  • Paul Chow

    Runway Associate

  • Damien O’Malley

    Runway Associate

  • Roberto Daniele

    Runway Associate

Linda Wong

Managing Director

Passion: My three greatest passions have come together in my work and personal life – that is people, horses and learning.

Why you believe in Runway: I believe in the impact that communities can deliver. Whether it is in a physical or virtual space, the coming together of like-minded individuals to support, encourage, share, collaborate and learn from each other delivers great benefits back into an ecosystem. These benefits will increase longer-term sustainability. In summary – I believe in the power connections that communities foster. Runway’s purpose is about connection. Connecting people with people, people with programs and people with places. A complete ecosystem.

Chris Ardrey


Maintaining a life-work balance, having the time to enjoy life and family. Oh, and did I mention motorcycles.

Why you believe in Runway:
I’ve seen first-hand the positive outcomes that Runway has helped to deliver in the ecosystems it is and has been part of. There is a real send of care that is demonstrated across everything that is offered.

Maiys Winduss

Facilities and Events Coordinator - Geelong

Passion: I love new experiences, traveling and meeting new people. One of my favourite pastimes is cooking- I love sharing my food with others and make them happy with my food!

I like learning something new and having an adventure. I believe in empowering and helping others while focusing on self -development and self-improvement.

Why you believe in Runway: Runway is an organisation works to benefit their cause and the wider community. Runway is a community focused organisation, that pride themselves on creating an eco-system to help our community and develop our economy. In our challenging times and the hard few years, we lived since covid. We need organisations like Runway to encourage and lend a hand to start ups and small businesses so we can grow and recover and come together as community to make a difference and stand stronger than ever.

Clare Trengove

Social Media and Events

I am most passionate about my family and friends; without them I would not be the person I am today. Professionally I am passionate about people being confident to follow their dreams and jump out of their comfort zones knowing they have a supportive workplace that allows them to do so.

Why you believe in Runway:
From the minute you walk in the door at Runway you feel confident to be yourself, you know you are in a supportive environment, and it is such a wonderful community to be a part of. Runway is a place for everyone to explore what they may think is the unexplorable and gives you the tools to reach your full potential.

Jessica Hobbs

Reception and Administration Support - Geelong

Passion: I am very passionate about the environment and helping primary school students and their communities. My area of expertise is in events, and I want to equip schools with knowledge and resources to run events with as little waste as possible.

I am a huge advocate for reusables and will always have a keep cup on hand. I love talking about all things recycling and bin related.

Why you believe in Runway: I am a big picture person and I love to see connections built between businesses and communities. Having a place where people can come together is so important and practical from an environmental perspective as all. As a sole trader I know firsthand the need for support and human interaction.

Rachel Riggall

Facilities (Ballarat) and Programs Coordinator

Passion: My passion is helping and supporting others. I am always seeking self-growth and new exciting adventures. When I’m not at work pursuing my love of engaging with people, I am a very devoted wife and mum to two boys. I have a great passion for making the most of the little things in life and enjoying what we have, while we have it.

Why you believe in Runway: I believe in the support and care factor Runway has to offer. From the warm community feel to the guidance and encouragement for people to step out of their comfort zone and pursue their passion. Connection is key for me and I believe that is what Runway strives to achieve and can accomplish.

Mark Valena

Runway Associate

Passion: I am passionate about people and organisations being able to connect their ideas to action and outcomes and about the importance of good decision making. I am passionate about helping others succeed and in doing so being useful. When not doing that, I am passionate about cycling.

Why you believe in Runway: I believe in the Runway purpose because it focuses first and above all else on supporting regional communities and people through connections, practical support and skills development.

Paul Chow

Runway Associate

Passion: I’m passionate about supporting people to chase their dreams.

Why you believe in Runway: The excitement of being involved with a new business venture as the founders navigate their way to find the path to success, is highly rewarding and fulfilling.

Damien O’Malley

Runway Associate

Passion: I am passionate about people, performance and fun (maybe not always in that order). From a work perspective, teams and organisations that are leaders, that have innovation, that are good places to work and that achieve sustainable outcomes – all have a focus on people, performance and fun. And I think this is mostly relevant in non-work environments as well.

Why you believe in Runway: For me, there are many aspects of what Runway does that I connect with. Probably what resonates most is the focus on building entrepreneurial capability – and this is relevant for those in the Startup world but also for people within existing businesses(small, medium and large).

It is a cliché, but the only constant is change, so the work that Runway does on supporting innovation (especially its focus on regional and rural environments) I think is really important for the future health, vibrancy and sustainability of towns and regions.

Roberto Daniele

Runway Associate

Passion: I am passionate about the power of social entrepreneurship to activate system change in places and communities… and about long-distance cycle touring as well!

Why you believe in Runway: As the facilitator for the Migrant and Refugees Startup program, I thrive in seeing how newcomers to this country rely on their lived experience to bring to bear start-up businesses that are community oriented and with a strong social impact dimension… this is how all businesses should be!

Startups and businesses we have supported

Rubens Technologies

Rubens is the big data-driven quality and provenance intelligence systems for the fresh food supply chain.



muMEcations encourages women to prioritise self-care and nurture their mental health and wellbeing by taking time out from Mum-duties for rest, relaxation, pampering and social connection.



One stop solution for all your home care needs!



Making living a healthy lifestyle simple and fun.


Troop Events

Professional on-demand hospitality and events staff across Victoria.




Embrace the modern way of construction with high quality healthy materials, straightforward pricing and a rapid build.


Protekt GPS Tracking Systems

A comprehensive Fleet Management and Personal Asset GPS tracking solution from the only company that can provide ‘Live Tracking’ in just 5 seconds.