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Swerve - it's a podcast that explores all things innovation.

Journeys in business – and life – are ever changing. The future of work requires us to be flexible, collaborative, embrace innovation, and to swerve around obstacles as they arise. 

Swerve is for entrepreneurs and startups

Runway is a startup accelerator that unearths and supports startups in regional ecosystems, giving them the opportunity to fast-track, grow and scale using unique accelerator programs. Runway considers collaboration between industry, small to medium business, education, government and startups as key to drive innovation, which feeds into strong economic development in regional areas.

With a physical presence now in Geelong, Ballarat and Warrnambool and program delivery partnerships across a number of cities, Runway is fostering key connections with some of regional Victoria’s most talented and innovative minds.

This podcast explores these key relationships and celebrates the people and businesses who are a driving force towards future sustainability and growth of regional ecosystems.

Swerve delves into:

Swerve looks at all things startup, scale-up, and innovation. Each month we will interview someone who has lived and breathed the startup journey – whether they are at the ideation stage or maybe they have just pivoted (or swerved!) and are emabrking on a different path. We will talk to leaders, mentors, thinkers, and doers.