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May 24th – June 7th, 2021

$1500 plus GST

…Get ready: evaluate the gap between your business and the external environment, and identify new opportunities.

Program information

Get Ready

An intensive 20 hour program including self guided online and applied learning spread over 2 weeks.

Ideal for people looking to pivot their business in response to changing market conditions, or proactively grow their business in response to new and emerging opportunities.

People who successfully complete this program may apply for a position in the Get Set Program.

Learn and apply techniques to pivot and grow

With participation capped at 10 people per group to maximise engagement and the quality of interactive learning, the program is delivered in 5 x 2 hour facilitated sessions over 2 weeks, with an additional 2 hours of self guided online and applied learning informing each session.


GET READY offers: 

  • Shared and focused learning within a small community of practice
  • A facilitated space and time to think and reflect on your business
  • An internal and external analysis of your business using tried and tested tools and frameworks
  • Clarity on challenges and opportunities
  • Clarity on the potential impacts of these challenges and opportunities to customers
  • Preliminary thinking on how to address the challenges


    How much does this program cost?
    This program costs $1500 plus GST.

    Do you offer a discount if I sign up for more than one program?
    Yes. We offer a discount of 15% on the full price when you sign up to do the Get Ready and Get Set programs sequentially, reducing the total cost from $2,470 to $2,148 including GST.

    What are the class sizes for this program?
    The program is capped at 10 participants per group to ensure high quality engagement and learning experinces.

    What if I decide not to proceed with my emerging plans to pivot or grow part way through the program?
    We don’t provide refunds, but if you do decide not to proceed to implementation, that’s okay… take what you’ve learnt and apply it to your next big idea!

    How will I be supported thougout this program?
    You will have direct contact with the program facilitator who will coach and support you through the process; and access to the wider Runway Community via Runway Virtual.

    Can I apply to join the Grow Program and skip the Get Ready and Get Set programs?
    It is highly recommended that people intending to apply for a position in Runway’s Grow program first complete the Get Ready and Get Set programs, as testing and validating your growth plan feasibility is a prerequisite to entry and success.

    Book now to reserve your place in Runway’s next Get Ready program and we will be in touch to finalise your registration and course login details.

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