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6 and 7 September 2021: Open enrolment

1 and 2 March 2022: Open enrolment

$1,100 plus GST

Quickly test and validate your new business idea with techniques used by successful startups all over the world.

Runway Startup Bootcamp

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Two days of hard-hitting facilitated activities that will get you to really think about your idea and the problem you are trying to solve – from a customer’s perspective.

Together, we will validate if your idea is ready to pursue by taking you through a series of frameworks and conversations to help you navigate a process of reflecting and considered thinking.

At a cost of $1100 now – we can save you $$$ down the road by validating your problem, product/service and market fit. 

The program includes two full days of live zoom sessions, from 9am to 4pm. 

There are no more than 10 participants, so we can support each of you individually.

Participants who complete the Bootcamp may wish to join our Incubator program to further progress your idea to launch

Who is it for?

  • Anyone with an idea for a business
  • An existing business that has an idea for a new product or service


Zoe has worn many hats in her career. Zoe is a remedial massage therapist, a wedding cake baker/designer, events coordinator and a cafe and bar owner. And now, events and program facilitator. Zoe brings her extensive startup background to Runway to help and nurture others to follow their passion and dreams and make them a reality. Throughout Zoe’s career, she has had a focus on bringing people together, the power of sharing experiences and knowledge and building community. Zoe lives and breathes in the ideas space; she is always thinking of and looking out for creative and innovative ideas to improve, add value and connection to the lives of others. With Zoe’s startup business experience, if there is a hurdle or challenge you are facing, chances are she has gone through it too. 

David has been in Business Development and Sales for over 20 years, has helped businesses in Europe and Australia secure new customers and has increased revenue for all the organisations he has worked for. David has trained a number of sales teams and has written countless sales scripts. David is an expert on cold calling, generating new leads, account management, managing a CRM and objection handling. David has also a great deal of knowledge about how to turn marketing into sales. His motto is “persistence over pushiness”!

Learn and apply the techniques used by successful startups

By the end of the two days, you will have a much better understanding of: 

  • who your customer is,  
  • what are their challenges  
  • how your product/service can fix that challenge 
  • key ingredients to building a pitch presentation for customers, investors and interested parties. 
Zoe Cleverdon

Zoe Cleverdon

Events & Projects Facilitator

More Info

Why did you join Runway?
I like the cut of their jib.

What would you like to be known for?
I think I have a pretty good phone voice.

Who would you invite to dinner?
Haruki Murakami – my favourite author of all time. The way he talks about food is amazing… I would be insisting that he narrated the whole meal.

Linda Wong

Linda Wong

Managing Director

More Info
Why did you join Runway?
For its AMAZING people, AMAZING spaces and AMAZING programs

What would you like to be known for?
An expert and go-to-person in experiential learning and just for making a difference.

Who would you invite to dinner?
Nelson Mandela

David Huggan

David Huggan

Program Facilitator and Business Development

More Info
Why did you join Runway?
I joined Runway because the company is helping regions around Australia to grow their startup communities, and are doing particularly well with the Runway Virtual platform right now as we all grow more used to working from home. The team is very friendly, positive and innovative.

What would you like to be known for?
Being professional and humorous; easy to work with.

Who would you invite to dinner?
Stephen King, Jacinda Ardern and Bruce McAvaney – what an interesting chat that would be!

David Spear

David Spear

Head of Partnerships & Professional Services

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Why did you join Runway?
Because now, perhaps more than ever, business innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are required to build an economy fit for the 21st Century; and I wanted to be part of the team taking the lead on that.

What would you like to be known for?
My ability to bring new ideas into reality that are strategic and create impact.

Who would you invite to dinner?
Elon Musk!

How much does this program cost?
This program costs $1,100 plus GST.

What are the class sizes for this program?
The program is capped at 10 participants per group to ensure high quality engagement and learning experiences.

What if by the end of the bootcamp I decide my business idea doesn’t stack up?
Great! Celebrate the fact that you’ve failed fast and failed early, saving you lots of time and money – then take what you’ve learnt and apply it to your next big idea.

How will I be supported thougout this program?
You will have direct contact with the program facilitator who will coach and support you through the process; and access to the wider Runway Community via Runway Virtual.

Book now to reserve your place in Runway’s next Business Bootcamp and we will be in touch to finalise your registration and program login details.

Andrew Tennant

I have had an idea in my head for some time now about helping the world reskill faster by quantifying behaviour change after an intervention such as training. The Bootcamp helped me pull that spark of genius (isn’t every business idea?) and provided me a structured way to test the idea, get it down on paper and have actionable activities to move the idea forward.

Georgina Walsh

It is a wonderful opportunity to understand the whole process of starting up a business. It is an intense, fast paced bootcamp which is very engaging. The skills you learn can also be applied to your career, not just starting up a business.

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