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8-10 March 9am-5pm

$1,100 inc GST 

Quickly test and validate your new business idea with techniques used by successful startups all over the world.

Runway Startup Bootcamp

Program information

Startup Bootcamp

An intensive 3 day program – including self guided online, and applied learning held at Runway (Geelong or Ballarat).

Ideal for people with a new business idea that would like to test and validate its feasibility and make clear plans for a successful start.

People who successfully complete this program may apply for a position in the Runway Business Startup Incubator.

Learn and apply the techniques used by succefull startups

With participation capped at 10 people per group to maximise engagement and the quality of interactive learning, the program is delivered in 3 x 2 hour facilitated sessions over 7 days (Monday/Wednesday/Monday); with an additional 3 hours of self guided online and applied learning informing each session.

In this program you will…

  • validate your customer problem and market segment
  • create your value proposition and draft Minimum Viable Producy (MVP)
  • communicate your value by developing a pitch.
Peter Dostis

Peter Dostis

Founder CEO - "The Initiator"

More Info

Why did you join Runway?
I founded Runway because I wanted to get behind disruption and innovation and wanted to help those founders that went out on a limb and were making that happen (and keep them here)! I saw regional founders as potentially more driven given they had less options and wanted to help them the most.

What would you like to be known for?
Being professional, collaborative and giving everyone a go that wants to have a go.

Who would you invite to dinner?
Albert Einstein

Nicole Mas

Nicole Mas

Learning and Development Lead – “The Informer"

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Why did you join Runway?
To weave my passion for education with entrepreneurship! I’m excited to support people to build a business they love to show up for and to have a community that supports that spirit.

What would you like to be known for?
Having tons of fun while getting $%@! done.

Who would you invite to dinner?
The cast of the Baroness von Sketch show.

How much does this program cost?
This program costs $1,100 including GST.

What are the class sizes for this program?
The program is capped at 10 participants per group to ensure high quality engagement and learning experinces.

What if by the end of the bootcamp I decide my business idea doesn’t stack up?
Great! Celebrate the fact that you’ve failed fast and failed early, saving you lots of time and money – then take what you’ve learnt and apply it to your next big idea.

How will I be supported thougout this program?
You will have direct contact with the program facilitator who will coach and support you through the process; and access to the wider Runway Community via Runway Virtual.

Can I apply to join the Business Startup Incubator and skip the Startup Bootcamp process?
It is highly recommended that people intending to apply for a position in Runway’s Business Startup Incubator program first complete the Business Startup Bootcamp program, as testing and validating a business idea’s feasibility is a prerequisite to entry and success.

Book now to reserve your place in Runway’s next Business Startup Bootcamp and we will be in touch to finalise your registration and program login details.

Andrew Tennant

I have had an idea in my head for some time now about helping the world reskill faster by quantifying behaviour change after an intervention such as training. The Bootcamp helped me pull that spark of genius (isn’t every business idea?) and provided me a structured way to test the idea, get it down on paper and have actionable activities to move the idea forward.

Georgina Walsh

It is a wonderful opportunity to understand the whole process of starting up a business. It is an intense, fast paced bootcamp which is very engaging. The skills you learn can also be applied to your career, not just starting up a business.

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