Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab)

Access Runway’s 3D printing, laser cutting and other state-of-the-art equipment to make just about anything!

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Building on the success of over 1,000 Fab Foundation Fab Labs worldwide, the Runway Fab Lab provides you with the space, latest technology and support to take your product concept from idea to reality.

We provide opportunities for businesses to prototype, programs for team building and community open days for those curious makers and innovators out there.

The Runway Fab Lab is equipped with the following machines


A laser cutter

Vinyl cutter

Embroidery machine

Sewing machine

Desktop milling machine

Cover stitch machine

5 x 3D printers

Straight stitch machine

Large format printing (up to 24 inches wide)

Industrial overlocker

Electronic assembly and testing facilities

Why use the Fab Lab?

  • Speed up prototyping by creating and managing your own bespoke one-stop manufacturing process
  • Keep costs down by only paying for the equipment you use and the help you need

  • Make small-batch samples to test out an idea

  • Learn and gain access to the latest manufacturing technology, equipment and techniques

  • Participate in our programs with colleagues for a fresh perspective

  • Learn new skills and demystify our shared technological future

  • Become an innovator in a supported, collaborative and global network of innovators

How can I get access to using these machines and services? 
The Fab Lab is based at our RunwayHQ facility in Ballarat. Please contact us to discuss your prototyping requirements and we will assess and confirm the best approach to supporting your needs.

Can I use the Fab Lab on my own?
For health and safety reasons it is important for us to ensure your activity in the Fab Lab is fully supervised by professionals who are specialised in the safe use of all machienery and processes on site. To achieve this, we work with Eurekative, who are located onsite and specialise in the safe operation of all equipment and processes on site require to deliver your protptyping goals.

How much does it cost to use the Fab Lab?
That depends on the size and scope of the job. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide specific guidance, based on the level of support required, materials and time involved.

Contact us to discuss your prototyping requirement and we’ll take action to connect you with the services and support required to bring your new creation to life!

GeVentor – Gekko Medical’s COVID-19 Ventilator

RunwayHQ’s Fab Lab was critical in the rapid prototyping of new component parts for Gekko Medical’s COVID-19 G-Ventilator (developed in just 5 days!), which now has 170 units ordered by the Victorian Govenment.
Read more about their work here

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Runway is grateful for the support and collaboration of its key partner organsations.

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Connect with one of our friendly Runway staff to learn more, ask questions or get help. We would love to hear from you, so please provide some key details and we will be in touch as soon as we can.